The Micom-3 RANGER is an advanced, Ruggedized front mount HF-SSB DSP controlled radio with embedded ALE. ALE JITC certified,

It is fully compliant with FED-STD 1045 and MIL STD 188/141B and meets the MIL 810 STD (Dust, Shock, Vibration, Rain, Salt & Fog).

Meets or exceeds NTIA specifications and FCC Part’s 15, 80 and 90.

The radio supports voice, data, e-mail and fax applications ,the radio is designed to operate under tough environmental and physical conditions.

The radio supports voice, data, e-mail and fax solutions.

  • ALE JITC Certified
  • 125 W power output PEP/Average
  • Variable Bandwidth
  • Built In Test Equipment (BITE)
  • Front panel control and programming
  • Military type audio connectors
  • Selectable power output
  • Operates on all 1.6 to 30 MHz frequency range
  • Build-in digital noise blanking and clarifier
  • Multi-Lingual Full dot matrix display with enhanced
  • key-board
  • Security access codes for radio programming
  • Remote control via PC
  • Multi-net ALE per MIL-STD 188-141B
  • GPS interface (for adding internal or external GPS receiver)
  • Accessory port for multiple point-to-point communication
  • Interface for high speed data modem (9600 bps or higher)
  • Optional USB communications port for external keyboard (Keyboard supplied by owner). (Option G419)