UAVDetect1 “Drone Detection”


UAV Drone Detection system, can detect & locate commercial drones ( frequency from 300MHZ to 6GHZ), Awareness of drone threats with enough time to take corrective action is the first step in your security. With the most advanced detection technology available, Drone Detector can dentifiy and direction finding as well as location.Multiple targets discovery.
Now, COMSYSTEMS Solutions is coming out with Full 360° Scanning UAV RF Monitoring System .
Features & advantage:

1.Drone detection, identification and direction finding as well as location.
2.Passive drone detection,1 set of system for direction finding,and more than 2 sets for location.
3.With drone spectrum database library to be capable of identifying different drone manufacturers and models.
4.Sophisticated software management system.
5.Visualize to setup drone identification zone,alarming zone, and send alarming information of intruding drones.
6.Multiple targets discovery, drones model identification, and UAV operators’ discovery.
7.Direction finding, location, flying trace drawing and playback.
8.Automatically generate summary report of the whole activity

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UAVDetect1 “Drone Detection”