Multitask-Data Carry-On RDP

MULTITASK-Data Carry-On is an Interoperability systems based using 1 or 2 radios . A controller RA3  with Radio HF/SSB Radio 125w (MicomZ or Barrett 4050) can send message,email, files, and communicate with voice encrypted .

The equipemnt can have also the possibility to add a Radios U/VHF (digital/analog) Mobile radio connected in to hf radio and can offer through any hand portable to reach long distance communications with voice ( see applications brochures).

The controller can have some main functionalities like:

  1. The operator access manually by selecting the different network (s) Voice only or Data with RA3 offering a nice solution with a software for an intranet email for long ranges .
  2. The operator can link different networks according to different channels and different frequency bands.
  3. The operator can automatically monitor all messages in & out from his computer screen .


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Multitask-Data Carry-On RDP