“Rapid deployment package for worldwide communication mobility”   NEW

The Micom3T-RDP-Carry-On is a new compact carrying case weatherproof with powerful power for a long-range radio
communication,that can be easily and elegantly hand-carried from place to place.
The Micom3T-RDP-Carry On Include radio front panel,it can be easily move far away from the unit up to 5m (15′).On top a connector panel with D25pin connect for data transmission with continious duty, accessories jacks are included for Headset & Morse Key, switches power AC /DC with relative LED, switch for speaker for local or remote. Cooling-fan systems used when data is on. All wires for AC power and DC are included.
Micom3T Carry On radio transceiver allows workers of international organizations maximum mobility, ensuring that no matter how remote their location, or upon which continent, they’re always connected and in complies with the world’s strictest standards for radio communication equipment, including MIL-STD-810, ALE per MIL-STD-188-141B and


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