Maxon MDM-4000 Series

   Our MDM-4000 Series mobile radios are high-powered, high-performance DMR Tier 2 Digital / Analog radios at an economical price.
With a brilliant OLED display for great visibility in day or night environments, the MDM-4000 mobile radio is an indispensable LMR mobile with the best features of DMR Digital like clear audio, SMS texting, Direct Call, Voice Record, and 256bit AES Encryption standard for secure communications.
Factory Options like Single Frequency Repeater allow you to extend the range of your fleet into areas that previously were dead zones. Base station packages available soon.

• 50W VHF / 45W UHF
• Bright OLED Display
• 2048 Channels / 64 Zones / 1024 Ch per Zone
• Tier 2 DMR, Analog, & Mixed Mode
• Compatible w/MOTOTRBO Radios
• AES Encryption (AES-CTR 256bit Standard)
• 240 Contacts
• Text Messaging
• Stun/Revive
• Lone Worker
• Time Out Timer
• Remote Monitor
• Voice Recorder

Base Station Option – Coming Soon
• Motorola/DMRA AES Encryption (Optional)

Single Frequency Repeater (Optional) SEE BELOW DESCRIPTION


What is it?
MDM Series mobile radios have a factory-optional feature called Single Frequency Repeater (SFR)
that allows your mobile radio to be used as a repeater to help radios communicate that might fall out
of normal communications range. SFR is different from traditional repeater mode in that the uplink
and downlink frequencies of the repeater are the same. Your radio dealer will need to activate this
feature in your MDM Series mobile radio.
How it works:
For DMR two-way radios, there are two “slots” at a single frequency, we call them “Slot 1” and “Slot
2”. Using the interference cancellation technique, our DMR radio with SFR feature can use one slot to
receive a call and the other slot to transmit the call on the same frequency at the same time.

Single Frequency Repeater (SFR) mode works as a very fast store and forward repeater. Radio 1
only transmits for 30 msec and then waits while the radio with SFR takes the voice data packets
from radio 1 and sends them out on time slot 2 for 30 msec.

How do I use it?
Your radio dealer needs to program all the portable radios that you wish to use with the SFR
feature to talk on the SAME FREQUENCY, but have one group talk on SLOT 1 and the other group
that is out of reach to talk on SLOT 2. When turned on, the user of the MDM-4000 radio will only
need to set the mobile radio to the channel where the SFR frequency is programmed and keep
The mobile radio turned on. The radios you want to connect to the SFR channel to reach each other now
just need to turn to the frequency & color code the SFR channel was programmed for and they will
be able to communicate through the SFR repeater even though they are out of range when trying to
reach each other directly on other channels (Simplex mode).
Why It is Used
1. In simplex mode, your signal coverage can be extended, especially in closed or isolated small
areas of a signal’s dead zone or a weak signal zone.
2. Saves frequency resources. A single frequency point can set up a complete repeater system.

Maxon MDM-4000 Series