Antennas KUA-35/6 represent the family of wideband HF wire dipole antennas. Its universal construction allows using almost everywhere and in all circumstances. It is primarily intended for use as a tactical field antenna together with a single support mast at the center as inverted “V” or “delta dipole” antenna. Each end is attached to the sliding insulator with nylon rope allows us to attach the antenna ends on ground or some other appropriate objects. The antenna could be also mounted stationary on the already prepared mounting mast. Stationary version has two special mounting consoles for fixing the terminating load and the antenna transformer.

The antenna is electrically designed as a closed dipole with balun transformer and end terminating load. The overall length of the antenna wire is 2 x 40 m. The antenna has vertical radiation toward the zenith for short to medium skywave communications.

The antenna is very simple and robust construction. All metal parts are galvanically protected or made of corrosion resistant materials enables long life and high reliability. For tactical use we recommend using some of our sectionalized tubular masts series or telescopic masts series .

Frequency range : 2 – 30 Mhz
Impedance : 50 ohm
VSWR : < 3
Efficiency : 15 – 55 %
Radiation pattern : DIAG. 1, 2
Maximum power : 30, 100, 400 W, 1 kW
Min. mounting height : 10 m
Length of dipole : 2 x 20 m wire length 40 m
Weight :  app. 6 kg
Input connector : N female
Temp. range : -40 …. +55 °C