Mobile, tethered hovering platform The HoverMast-100 enables real-time 360° tactical aerial surveillance within seconds. Fully autonomous, it operates during the day, at night and in adverse weather from vehicles on
land or at sea. The HM-100 relays and receives target coordinates, integrating easily with other
ground forces; facilitating quick closure of the sensor-to-shooter cycle. The HoverMast has been selected by leading customers around the world.

HoverMast-100 specifications

  • Hovering Height Up to 100 m
  • Payload Weight Up to 9 kg
  • Deployment and re-deployment Seconds
  • Recovery Mode Automatic
  • Operation Time Unlimited
  • Operators Required One payload operator
  • Operational Mode Autonomous
  • Wind Limitations 25 knots plus gusts
  • System Weight Base unit: 250 kg, Generator: 150-500 kg, Aerial unit: 21 kg
  • System Dimensions Base: 1.5*1.5*1 m
  • Aerial Unit Diameter 150 cm approx.
  • Power Source Electric – 15-18 kV (silenced generator supplied)


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