Entel DX400 Series

Digital Portable Radios

Ultra-compact, lightweight, and dual-mode (Analogue and Digital), the rugged and fully-submersible DX400
Series radios deploy the latest DMR digital technology combined with Entel audio tailoring technology to
ensure the best possible range and clarity.

• Better coverage
• Significantly louder and clearer audio
• Longer battery life, longer duty cycles
• Far superior privacy

Key Benefits :

  • IP68 Submersible
  • High Contrast OLED
  • Powerful Package
  • Entel Sure Speech™
  • Migrate Your Way
  • Exceptionally Robust
  • High-Grade Accessory Interface
  • Enhanced Privacy
  • Simple End-User Programmer App

For a quote Specify your request online the frequency band, model type, and quantities 

Frequency Band               Entry                          Mid.                   High

66 -88 Mhz                       DX412                     DX415                DX416

136 – 174 Mhz                  DX422                     DX425                DX426

330 -400 Mhz                   DX472                     DX475                    X

400 – 470 Mhz                  DX482                     DX485                DX486

450 – 520 Mhz                  DX482U                   DX485U             DX486U



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Entel DX400 Series