CSTM-SA “Telescopic Mast Stand Alone”

CSTM-SA Telescopic Mast Stand Alone is  a winch operated masts series & are designed on a basis of many years of experience in development and production of antennas and antenna masts . The mast is basically composed of telescopic sections made  in aluminum material very strong  and equiped with weels for transport and tripod to support the mast in different weather condition.

  • Model #:              CSTM-SA6                 CSTM-SA8                CSTM-SA10
  • Extended :               6m                               8m                               10 m
  • Retracted:               1.4m                            1.8m                               2m
  • Payloads Max:        20kg                             20kg                             20kg
  • Nbr.of sections:        6                                  6                                    8
  • Section Dia.:          40~105mm                 40~105mm                 40~132mm




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CSTM-SA “Telescopic Mast Stand Alone”