Cheetah3+ ManPack (HF/VHF-20W)

The Cheetah3+ is a rugged and compact tactical lightweight MAN PACK RADIO which offers outstanding performance for portable missions. The radio offers continuous communication from 1,6-170Mhz (all modes). Voice communication is available through a standard headset or an integrated microphone and speaker. To cater for increased mobility the modem and GPS receiver are incorporated inside the radio.

The Cheetah3+ is part of the Sat-Com Communication product portfolio and offers advanced features such as Automatic Link Establishment, Frequency Hopping and One-Time-Pad encryption to provide the user with a secure and reliable communication channel. The radio is suitable for portable, mobile, base station, and repeater applications.

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  • Integrated modem, GPS receiver, tuner, speaker, and microphone
  • Compact, lightweight, and rugged design (only 2.4kg)
  • Wideband Digital Radio: 1,6-170Mhz (all modes)
  • High Transmit Power: 20W FM / SSB
  • High Transmit Power: 10W AM
  • Modes: USB,LSB,AM,FM,FSK,MSK (standard)
  • BPSK, QPSK, PSK, QAM, DSSS (optional)
  • Low standby current for extra-long battery life
  • TRANSEC: frequency hopping
  • COMSEC: encryption (With Optional Modem)
  • LINKING: 3G ALE (With Optional Modem)
  • 3hours @ 3meters water immersion
  • 3-year warranty
  • MIL-STD-810

Accessories include Handset, antennas, Batteries, AC Battery Charger, Ruck Sack, Rugged Transport Case.

Cheetah3+ ManPack (HF/VHF-20W)