Black Mic Model#CS-BSMIC

CS-BSMIC ” BlackMic”
Real Digital Voice
Universal Remote Speaker Microphone

Secure voice communications are critical to protecting private information and confidential conversations from casual eavesdroppers, the public, business competitors, criminals, terrorists, and enemies.
Add‐on voice security units can be used to keep confidential information away from unwanted listeners to protect businesses, property, and personnel.
Perhaps their greatest value is in protecting lives – those of soldiers, police, public safety, government workers, employees, and our citizens who count on us to protect them.
BlackMic’s real‐life digital encryption unit the CS-BSMIC BlackMic includes all elements of a typical digital encryption system: a digital speech coder (vocoder) which transforms the speech into a digital bitstream, a digital encryption & decryption block to encode and decode the bitstream, and a modem to transmit and receive the encrypted digital information.
The CS-BSMIC BlackMic applies a complex adaptive mechanism, so it is especially perfect on HF channels where signal propagation is determined by the fact that it’s repeatedly reflected from the ionosphere and the earth
surface and significant changes of propagation conditions depending on the geographical location, frequency, time of day, season, solar activity, and other circumstances.
The user of the CS-BSMIC BlackMic can work with one from 3 (three! – 600, 1200, or 2400 bps) rates of built‐in vocoder depending on the current propagating conditions.
The CS-BSMIC BlackMic automatically detects and processes the incoming signal with different bps rates (Autobaud).
The CS-BSMIC BlackMic automatically detects and processes the
incoming signal clear or encrypted (Auto mode).
The CS-BSMIC BlackMic provides true digital encrypted voice privacy
with crystal‐clear audio quality that is fully compatible with HF, VHF, UHF communications channels.
The CS-BSMIC BlackMic has the ability to be upgraded with any future improvements via upgrade file.
The programming and key loading has occurred via PC.


Digital Voice Over HF 600/1200/2400 bps vocoder’s rates
• Autobaud
• AES‐256 Encryption Algorithm
• 16 user codes
• Cost‐effective
• Automode
• Upgradable
• Customer Encryption Feature


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Black Mic Model#CS-BSMIC