Barrett PRC-2090 RFDS – HF Rapid Field Deployment System

The RFDS provides a complete turn-key communications system in a single easily transportable case, including radios, power, cabling, lighting and external connections.

Barrett Communications has developed the Rapid Field Deployment System (RFDS), which provides an easily deployable, simple to operate and very flexible HF or VHF communications system mounted in a single transit case. It is an ideal solution where there is a requirement to establish a communications system rapidly upon arrival in an austere environment.

  • Field operational in minutes
  • AC Mains and/or DC power
  • On board 12 V 33 Ah battery
  • Battery charging onboard
  • HF – VHF/UHF interoperability
  • HF data transmission ready
  • Multiple voice and data security options
  • Stackable transportable base station and vehicle/field deployable
  • Remote control tactical RGB LED lighting for night/dark area operations
  • Amazon ruggedized Anti vibration 6U 19-inch rack complies with MIL-STD 810F and rated IP65
  • Front mounted antenna connectors for HF & VHF transceivers aid in rapid deployment


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Barrett PRC-2090 RFDS – HF Rapid Field Deployment System