Barrett PRC-2082+ 50 W VHF Mobile Package

The PRC-2082+ 50 W VHF transceiver is designed for multi-role tactical military and security applications. It is an extremely compact and lightweight unit which is simple to operate in demanding mission critical conditions.

The PRC-2082+ Mobile package provides a convenient docking station for the PRC-2080+ transceiver as well as the flexibility for dismounted use when not in the vehicle (additional accessories are required to use the PRC-2080+ as a Hand Portable). The 50 W VHF amplifier provides range extension and increased link reliability when connected to the external vehicle whip antenna system.

The PRC-2082+ can be installed in a range of vehicles including jeeps, patrol boats, APC’s, and tanks. The PRC-2082+ is ready for connection to combat net radio systems incorporating intercom harnesses. The overall size of the system makes it one of the smallest VHF platforms available making it particularly suited to vehicles where space is limited.

The standard package comprises:

  • PRC-2080+ VHF transceiver
  • Vehicle docking station
  • 50 W VHF amplifier
  • Advanced tactical handset
  • Rugged external amplified speaker
  • Tactical Installation Kit


  • Compact lightweight modular design
  • Configurations include:
    • 5 W Hand Portable
    • 25 W Manpack
    • 50 W Mobile
    • 50 W Base Station
    • 50 W Re-broadcast system
  • DSP voice and data signal processing
  • Selective and group calling
  • Compatible with other 30 – 88 MHz communications equipment


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Barrett PRC-2082+ 50 W VHF Mobile Package