Barrett 4050 Transporter

The Barrett 4050 Transporter combines Barrett 4050 HF radio equipment into an easily transportable rugged Pelican 1560 case allowing the system to be field operational in minutes. There is no longer a need for time-consuming
unpacking, connecting and organising that can be impractical in emergency situations. Instead, simply attach the appropriate antenna and the Barrett 4050 Transporter is HF transmission ready.
The system is designed to be compatible with multiple power and charging sources including internal and external DC batteries and AC mains power. The internal battery can be charged from multiple sources including the 12V DC
cigarette lighter/accessory output from a vehicle, and Barrett Rapid Deployment Solar Panels (P/N BCA209010). Power is automatically switched, in a prioritized manner, between the AC and DC sources. An internal 7 Amp multi-profile
AC-DC/DC-DC battery charger keeps the internal and/or external battery ready for use whilst AC power is available or connected to vehicle DC outlet. This internal charger also displays battery status information.
Charging is also available via the onboard Victron SmartSolar charge regulator configurable via bluetooth and a convenient smartphone application.


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Barrett 4050 Transporter

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