Badger HF or VHF /UHF 19” Tactical Mobile Radio

The 150% larger Screen and a much larger keypad are made possible due to the larger control head made for 19″ Rack Mounting. A narrower option of 14.5″ mounting in vehicles and smaller Boats is possible by simply unmounting the external speaker.

Inside the control head is a 3-way antenna switch which would switch 1.6-30Mhz for HF, 30.1 – 88MHz for VHF-Low, and 88.1-170/512Mhz for VHF-High to UHF typical antenna ranges.

Most inputs and outputs are routed also to the rear of the control head, cleaning up the look when rack mounted.

For the Air Force, the radios are upgraded to meet ICAO specifications in AM Airband communications.

Higher power outputs can be achieved with rear-mounted band-specific amplifiers, or the radios could be paired with our range of AFRACAL amplifiers for 100, to 1000W options.


The rugged 19″ HammerHead family radios are ideal for TOC (Tactical Operation Centres) Ships and Mobile Command Centres.


– Digital Voice at 2400 / 1200 / 600/ 300 bps.
– AES256 Encryption.
– 256 Key Selection.


– Fast Frequency Hopping:
     – Satellite Signal Hop Synchronisation (SSHS)
     – Over The Air Hop Synchronisation. (OTAHS)
– Up to 40Mhz wide
— Up to 600 hops/sec.
— Up to 40,000 different hopping nets.


– VHF/UHF FM 16kbps – 128kbps


  • 3G ALE (2G Optional)
  • Ad Hoc Channel Scan
  • Emergency Channels Monitoring

Badger HF or VHF /UHF 19” Tactical Mobile Radio