Model 1830/D & DL  (M)military) It is two type of antennas, composed of a wire dipole folded and terminated, with RF transformer.

They don’t require any tuner in 1.8 – 30 MHz spectrum.

Mod. /D-M is 27 m ( 88.6 ft. ) long  and Mod. / DL-M is 60 m ( 196.8 ft. ) long.

Mod. /DL is fitter for operations on low frequency whereas Mod. /D on the high one.

They can be assembled in V-inverted, horizontal or sloper version.

They don’t require particular heights, and a  fiber mast 6m to 12 m ( 19.6 to 39.2 ft. ) support is suitable.

See mast 

with the mast include: Pulley,cord, base ground,hammer, guy rope,(x1 or 2 row) ask for special request


You can order for easy transport a wood box like NATO green color.