Different solutions are possible, based mainly on the exact needs of the customer. The customer may be need only a voice communication,or a voice and data communication as well. Either a enssembles of requests that the customer requires like : localization as position via GPS, data transmission for telemetry & voice and video too or other… Let us know exactly and we will keep in touch! The Professional Communications and Wireless communication solutions for all your needs :  COMSYSTEMS delivers customized solutions to partners and customers all around the world, see some examples below give you an idea :

  • 2000 – Cabinet & Enclosures : From the 19? rack mount to the weatherproof cabinet with NO fan.
  • 2012 – Transportable Repeaters : For the new DR3000 Mototrbo see our new COMSTRBO™-RDS easy to use any where in DMR way!
  • 2013 – Carry on product : Like COMSTRBO™-RDS-B/M used for Mototrbo with very High Power 45 w in VHF or 40 w in UHF.
  • 2013 – Management software via intranet or internet for HF Radios
  • 2013 – Partner with ComSyIT
  • 2014 – Waterproof Repeater BS2000 Compact: small in dimensions, RF power 25w or 45 w out duplex filter, easy to install on top of the mast near antenna with low loss of coax. cable!
  • 2014 – Micom Z CarryOn -RDP Rapid Deployment Package all incude for a long range communication in 125 w with battery included.
  • 2014 – updated COMSTRBO™-RDS-B/M-V2 Rapid Deployment Systems Mototrbo™ in Bi & Unidirectional or Cross band Repeater with any Mototrbo™ mobile.
  • 2015 – New : MicomZ Transportable-RDP all include in new configuration
  • 2015 – New Interlink Turbo X4 (1 HF/SSB Micom X 3 VHF (UHF) Mototrbo Series)
  • 2015 – Wire for HF antennas very strong and liable Ref : HFw2 very good for Military applications.
  • 2015 – New Charger Power supply for any radio associate with option bracket .Ref : TPS440-CT-15
  • 2016 – New versatile version  for MicomZ RDP Carry-on V.1.0 can include  Micom Link II 
  • 2016 – Updated version for MicomZ RDP Carry-ON V2.0 including Voltmeter,& connector panel w/RJ45,GPS,
  • 2017 – Mobile Repeater Transportable DMR with a lot of options included Ref: COMSTRBO-RDP-K-v2 
  • 2017 – Modem Wireless Digital Radio Model WDM9000 is used in different applications as for Telemetry Systems or like a link between 2 DMR Repeaters  or in a network LAN as Datalink 
  • 2017 – New HF/SSB Base Station Micom RM-T-125z including continious duty and vocoder with email .
  • 2018 – New MN JTF  “MultiNational Joint Task Force” in communication packaging set as transportable Type: “MultiTask ComForce II” complete systems including HF/SSB -VHF-UHF-SHF-SATNAV…
  • 2019 – Happy New year for all our customers ! New application with Hovermast on radio communications and video control
  • 2019 – New Transportable Micom3T-CarryOn-RDP best in Rapid Deployment Systems
  • 2019 – Modem used  for data/voice encryption and text messaging with individual &/or group call ” Modem Defender”
  • 2020 – New Transportable Multitask Voice & Encrypted Voice ” Multitask Carry-On RDP
  • 2020 – New Transportable Multitask Voice & Data ” Multitask Data Carry-On RDP
  • 2020 – Modem HF /VHF/UHF RA3


Various Technical Training at your disposal, The frequently requested technical training subjects are as following:

  • Mototrbo Product Training, Technical Training and Programming Training;
  • Long Range HF/SSB Product Training, Technical Training, system configuration, installation, programming training;
  • Solutions & Network Product Training, Technical Training, Systems & Solutions configuration, with all aspects .

All Class room technical training are available at the moment in the following locations: USA (Florida), Tunisia (Tunis),France ( Menton) Italy (Rome), .
For any request please send an email directly to