COMSYSTEMS® is a professional Communications Systems & Engineering of Radio Products & Communications Networks with more than 40 years of experience. Founded in Tunis, Tunisia, in 1978, COMSYSTEMS® was initially based on the Danish radio-communications products distribution: “Storno”in North Africa, by Eng.Mr. Antoine S. Gandolfo . who was the first pioneer in Radio Communication Company in  North Africa. In 1988, COMSYSTEMS® became a Motorola Distributor for the same area, and the Corporation is headquartered in Menton France.

In 2000, COMSYSTEMS® in Naples, Florida, USA continued to be a Distributor of wireless communication systems and was founded with the goal of creating a high-tech engineering company with a background based on great products and collaboration with serious partners & consultants.R & D division was created for special requests for specific customersNow we serve radio communication dealers worldwide and we provide a professional maintenance service to our customers. We also offer a range of accessories including  HFantennas, and other accessories for professional radios at competitive prices. COMSYSTEMS® provides its customers solutions with the capabilities to increase the efficiency of their day-to-day operations thereby Reducing costs, increasing revenues, and improving utilization.Through expertise in radio propagation, COMSYSTEMS® enables to design of the most appropriate radio system for a specific purpose. Consequently, every radio system is unique!Tailor-made system designed specifically for each project, according to the customer’s operational and economic requirements. COMSYSTEMS® is able to design, deliver, install, commission, service and maintain almost any kind of radio communication system Tailored to meet our customer’s exact requirements.

Nowadays COMSYSTEMS® provides solutions to global Defense and Security customers, we have extensive operational proven expertise in voice, video, and data transmission and reception technologies. Our know-how in combining HF/VHF/UHF radio networks with telephony, satellite, and IP LAN/WAN networks has resulted in the implementation of integrated Government communications infrastructures for triple-play (voice, data, and video) applications.

We Design products as a part of “Customized Radio Solutions™”. We do installation, maintenance, training & expertise. Coverage’s audits or feasibility especially for Governmental agencies or security services.

We can suggest online to have a quote

  1. HF, VHF/UHF Professional radios: Bases, mobiles & portable radios ;
  2. HF/SSB long-range of tactical radios to suit mobiles, bases, or manpack transceivers, offering the full range of communications capabilities (voice; data,
    fax, internet…) and encrypted products.
  3. HF Professional Antennas for US NAVY and differents organisations all around the world
  4. Accessories and parts related to our professional product.
  5. Tailormade tactical solutions for specific needs and more…
  6. Training in English & French on request.

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